I’m Joannie Girard,
I design learning.

For the past 15 years, I have worked in the EdTech industry. I have designed courses and training programs, I have taught, mentored, facilitated, coached, trained, consulted, led, presented, researched, but most of all, I have learned, I have dreamed and I have paved the way. 

My Story

Education is never a one-size-fits-all solution. For the last 15 years, I have been searching for ways to engage students and educators in order to meet their needs and interests by designing engaging and memorable learning experiences. 

My Learning Journey

Since my first day as a teacher, I have wanted to make learning fun and relevant.

  • In my 5th year of teaching, I began offering workshops to my colleagues to help them leverage technology in the classroom.
  • Soon after, I took on a facilitator role in order to have a bigger impact on the school by guiding teachers in weekly meetings to build their capacity.
  • I continued my journey by taking a position as a curriculum consultant at the school board level before being appointed as the sole representative from my school board on the Ontario TacTIC.
  • While working on the Ontario TacTIC team I had the opportunity to work closely with the Ministry of Education, different school boards and other organizations to develop conferences, events, training sessions, coaching sessions, resources, etc.
  • At one of many conferences, I tried the Oculus Rift and it opened my eyes to what the future of L&D could look like by creating opportunities for hands on learning, collaboration, creativity, etc.
  • My vision for what could be possible took over and I became so passionate about what technology integration could look like that I enrolled in a Master of Arts and Education program with the end goal of making my vision a reality.
  • While working full-time, I maintained a 4.0 GPA, acquired $30,000 in funding for my research, completed the first research study in immersive VR professional development for educators conducted in repetitive sessions, and published my findings in academic journals.
  • Next, I want to join your team and help design the future of collaborative L&D by paving the way into the unknown.


Sep 2021 - Present

Leading by example the integration of technology into the classroom to design learning and data-informed insights into learning to improve efficacy, student experience and drive additional engagement.
Working closely with students, parents, and administrators to address the academic and social emotional needs of 75 students by adapting to an unpredictable combination of in-person, online, hybrid and asynchronous learning.

EdTech Coach, Trainer, and Curriculum Consultant

Sep 2019 - Aug 2021

Created and implemented new province-wide Professional Learning Community in a design thinking approach to combine teacher experience and feedback with data analytics to implement STEAM learning that enriches learning design, improving teacher efficacy and student engagement.
Coached a group of seven new teachers in learning design to make learning visible by integrating technological tools that engage students in-person and online by integrating pedagogical teaching and learning strategies to maximize learning effect size.
Created ILT, vILT, eLearns and trained education professionals on a vast selection of LXP and LMS such as Microsoft Teams, Minecraft, Code.org, Makecode, Flipgrid, Nearpod, Peardeck, Canva, Adobe, Padlet and new immersive technologies such as Spatial, Frame, and Cospaces. 

Educational Researcher - Metaverse Immersive Learning

May 2018 - Present

Established a strategic partnership with Le Centre Franco, Ontario Tech University and Cadre 21 to conduct a professional development and research in immersive virtual reality.
Acquired $30,000 of funding to conduct this research project with the SSHRC – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and Cadre 21.
Published and presented academic research findings at IMSCI and in Thesis at UOIT on the impact on learning and professional development using VR Immersive Technology.

Education Training Consultant

Aug 2018 - Present

Developed and managed from inception to delivery, two fully immersive professional development programs, lasting eight weeks for the first, and an intensive one-week camp for the second, for teachers in fully virtual reality using the Oculus Quest 2.
Design learning for a self-guided eLearning module on digital citizenship, for new teaching or interested education professionals.
Reviewed, consulted and provided expert advice to other professionals on pedagogical and technological resources and content.

EdTech Coach, Trainer, and Curriculum Consultant

Sept 2016 - Aug 2018

Worked closely with the Ministry of Education, the provincial TacTIC team, to implement change initiatives at the school board level to incorporate technology in the learning design, by using a design thinking approach, to build a data driven culture, to transform learning to make it more relevant, by developing cross-curricular and integrated learning to develop transferable skills.
Presented and spoke on behalf of the provincial TacTIC team on transformative learning and design, innovation, and technology LXP and LMS at EdTech conferences such as Connect, AQUOPS, OnSummit, EdInnovation, Fusion D2L, TAC 2016 and Tac 2017, etc.

Teacher, Facilitator, and Principal Internship

Sep 2018 - Sep 2019

Launched a wellness program to build collective efficacy by empowering teachers to create activities, lessons, and a day event to build the culture in the school by combining students, teachers, and administrators’ feedback to strengthen the school community.
Lead the design thinking process of two teams of educators or professional learning communities (PLC) in improvement cycles by implementing learning and design that aims to develop inquiry, knowledge, empathy and intercultural understanding and respect.

Teacher, Mentor, Facilitator, and Curriculum Consultant

Aug 2007 - Aug 2016

Designed, taught, and evaluated over 1,000 students or 60 classes in technology, business, social sciences, languages, arts, etc. from grades 7 to 12.
Conducted multiple learning needs analysis to guide learning design to create effective and engaging classes that address and close performance gaps, by providing feedback, guidance, and improvement cycle plans.
Guided teachers in a design thinking process of transforming the learning environments to enhance learning design, to make learning visible and to maximize engagement.
Developed multi-modal learning support materials, including hands on learning, interactive presentations, videos, animations, infographics, websites, and guides.
Mentored new teachers and internes with learning design, classroom management, evaluation, and feedback practices, etc.


I work at developing the lifestyle of an infinite-minded leader.

I am passionate about what I do. I build trusting relationships by caring about each individual member. I can learn from other, and consider new perspectives and strategies. I am open to new ideas and innovations to improve user experience and efficiency. I have the courage to take risks and lead.


VR | Oculus Quest
Meta Portal
Web Design
Design Thinking
Camtasia | Canva
Google Suite | Office 365


Learner Centricity
Research | Learning Theory
Remote and immersive learning
Community and peer learning | PLC
ILT | vILT | eLearns | digital content


Speaker | Presenter
Curriculum Development

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